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The Truth Behind The Metal

The Truth Behind The Metal

Here at Indigo, we offer gold-filled, vermeil, 18k gold plated, 925 silver pieces, as they are a great alternative for solid gold at great price point

But what exactly are these materials, how do they behave and what special properties do they have? We’ll tell you!

Sterling Silver / Silver 925:

  • 92% silver and 7.5% alloy
  • Can tarnish (Which is why it’s important to regularly clean your pieces)

Silver Necklace (Celestial)









Oxidized Silver 925:

  • True sterling silver, but the surface has been intentionally darkened through by introducing it to a chemical process.

Rhodium Plated Silver 925:

  • Rhodium and silver are two silver-hued metals with very different characteristics. While silver can function as a jewelry metal on its own, rhodium is only ever used in jewelry in the form of plating.
  • High luster, hypoallergenic, increased durability, and tarnish free

Silver 925 with 14 Karat Plating:

  • Offered with rhodium plating, so the piece will have all the benefits of this type of process. (High luster, hypoallergenic, increased durability, and tarnish free)
  • However, you should continue to care and clean your pieces for optimal durability.

Brass with 18K Gold Plating:

  • Brass is the metal underneath, and gold is the metal that covers it
  • When you see something is plated, it doesn’t mean that it is half gold and half brass.
  • Gold itself does not tarnish, but when it is plated, it could wear off over time. At Indigo, we use thick gold plating which increases the endurance of the plating with usage.
  • The metal at the bottom will eventually show after a while, and it can begin to discolor.

Gold Filled:

  • These pieces are completely covered and filled with gold which is optimal for everyday use.
  • Hypoallergenic

To properly care for all types of metals, we always recommend cleaning.

You can go to our The 411 On Your Jewelry blog post for more information and cleaning tips.


Written By: María Gabriela Gómez

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