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Tangle Free Storage Ideas

Tangle Free Storage Ideas

If you’re like me, you have a large collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. There’s nothing more annoying than preparing for a night out and finding out your favorite necklace is tangled. Time’s running out, your friends are waiting on you, and now you have the unpleasant task of solving what seems like a Rubik’s cube just to complete your outfit. No one wants that.

Although we may have our staple pieces of jewelry that always go with everything, what about the rest of our collection? Should it be destined to be only taken out on special occasions? No!

Switching up your style can be a struggle if you don’t have a clear idea of where your items are. Here are a few tips and tricks to organize your jewelry:

Invest In Storage:

Jewelry boxes provide a safe space for jewelry to be stored and easy to be accessed. You can find these in any size, and with a multitude of different styles and options. Some boxes are small and suitable for earrings and bracelets. Others come with special drawers for your necklaces and extra room for big bangles.

Set Aside Some Space:

If a box isn’t for you, you might want to separate a drawer for everything. However, don’t just toss everything in one place and hope it stays still. You can use drawer dividers or fabrics to arrange spaces for your pieces. You can also create longer and wider spaces for necklaces and bracelets.

New Wall Art:

You may want to view your pieces all the time. We have the perfect solution for you. Use hooks and pegs boards to turn your accessories in art. Set aside space on your wall in the area you like to get ready in. This can be as simple as hanging hooks by your full-length mirror.

Reuse and Reduce:

Here at Indigo love to give you the most. Our reusable bags offer the perfect individual storage. They are waterproof and have a zipper for easy access. Use them for travel or everyday storing.

Bowls For The Win:

Small bowls will look beautiful on top of your dresser or vanity. Plus, they become the go-to place for your everyday choices or elegant accessories.

Jewelry Rolls:

For those of you who travel constantly or you’re just an on-the-go free spirit, jewelry rolls may solve your issue. You can use them to store your favorite pieces individually and they just roll out… pun intended.

On The Budget:

Transform a regular pill container into the perfect jewelry storage. It’s compartments already come separated and secure so there’s no need to worry about it opening and tangling everything up. Although they may not be the most stylish option, they get the job done.

 Another tip for jewelry storage is to store them by different categories, some examples are:

  • By Style: Separate your bracelets (chunky, chained, beaded, etc.), earrings (studs, hoops, dangles, etc.), necklaces (chains, pendants, multichain, layered, statement, etc.)
  • By Color: If you live for color coordination, separating your pieces according to its metal color or color scheme will be satisfying for you.
  • By Set: Keep the family together. Any pieces that come in matching sets can be stored together and that way it will be way easier to pair them with an outfit.


However, you decide to store your accessories, make sure it makes sense to YOU, after all you’re the one that’s going to have to search the pieces. It'll significantly improve your styling and keep your pieces safe from damage.


Written by: María Gabriela Gómez


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