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 “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”  Elizabeth Taylor


Welcome to INDIGO

Exquisitely unique jewelry for everything life brings you.


We believe in whimsy.  We believe in indulgence.  We believe in celebration.  We believe in joyful confidence and counting our blessings.

We are INDIGO, and we create stunning jewelry and accessories designed to celebrate the beautiful, messy, and incredible journey we call life.

About Us

Creating unique designs, on-trend fashions, and high-quality jewelry designed to match all moods, outfits, and occasions since 2010, INDIGO is an exclusively women-owned and operated purveyor of stunning jewelry and accessories that celebrates the power of individuality. INDIGO creates one-of-a-kind designs inspired by our travels, our experiences, and our community.  The result?  Truly original necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and accessories that will ignite the soul while completing any outfit.  INDIGO maintains a commitment to delivering versatile jewelry designed to go from executive board rooms to tropical destinations, elegant cocktail parties to dance clubs, and every space in between with effortless grace and zero hesitation. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating only the most extraordinary jewelry and accessories that are sure to become the highlight of any outfit.  We believe in creating jewelry that is meticulously crafted, expertly designed, and of the highest possible quality.  We believe every woman deserves jewelry that boosts her confidence, completes her look, and captivates everyone she meets.  We believe in innovative, cutting-edge, and groundbreaking designs and resilient, stunning, and comfortable jewelry that is as durable as it is magnificent.

We believe that jewelry is a unique opportunity to embrace your personality or play with your identity.  We believe that jewelry is wearable art that can create miracles in your mind and fill you with an enhanced sense of confidence, elegance, and charm.

At the end of the day, at INDIGO, we believe in the power of jewelry...

...and we believe you deserve to wear our designs.

Creativity You Can Wear

At INDIGO, we pride ourselves on always creating fresh, new, unique, and inspiring designs that start trends, drive innovation, and push the industry forward.  We welcome our role as industry leaders in the jewelry and fashion community.  As trend-setters in the jewelry and accessory space, we are both flattered and motivated knowing that the entire industry is watching – which further drives our commitment to innovation and excellence.  

Our Commitment to You

At INDIGO, we believe you deserve necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and accessories that authentically represent your unique personality.   With our exclusive designs and unparalleled products, we are constantly driven to create your next favorite piece of jewelry.  Every day we strive to design jewelry that not only dazzles and excites the senses, but boosts your confidence by enhancing your natural beauty and style.  We want to create jewelry that stops people on the street.  That captivates an audience.  That gets you noticed.  That makes you feel powerful, self-assured, and inspired.

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry for One-of-a-Kind People

At the end of the day, there is only one INDIGO and there is only one you.  We create jewelry that embraces authenticity, celebrates beauty, and inspires the fashion trends of tomorrow.  Our originality is undeniable, our designs are phenomenal, and our commitment to service is unparalleled. 

Welcome to INDIGO.  Be bold.  Be beautiful.  Be yourself.

Follow the Beauty of INDIGO

Looking for jewelry inspo?  Interested in styling ideas?  Searching for your next spectacular piece?  Follow our social media accounts for exciting offers, stunning new releases, or encouraging words of encouragement.  Join us – and believe in the power of jewelry.