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🌿 Greenery 🍃

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Indigo's guide to birthstones

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Minimal. Chic. Sophisticated.       Marble: the perfect way to add elegance and still make a statement. We see it everywhere: in our bathrooms, cellphones, bedroom decor, clothing, and even our nails.           Interior design meets fashion... and now it meets accessories.   Quay Australia, My Girl - $50   Azure, Dendrite opal and black onyx bullet necklace - $42   Small marble earrings - $32.50    Quay Australia, High Emotion - $55 Marble pyramid cuff - $62.50 Quay Australia, Sugar & Spice - $50 SHOP the trend now.  

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Summer '16 Collection

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After swimming with mermaids, soaking up some sun, and letting the wind shape them, new jewels have washed up on our shore. We mounted them on gold-filled chains and created ths exclusive Summer 2016 collection. Dive in with us as we explore the latest jewelry Indigo has to offer... models: Taisha Román, Sabrina Serra, Eloissa Sifres                                                                                             ...

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Get Ready with Us - Fall Edition

October is here and it means HELLO Fall! What a better way to start the season than getting ready with us for an everyday look with the perfect fall clothes and accessories.  In this edition, we will show you the perfect makeup, clothes and jewelry just for you.  Remember you can always change it up with your own style. Now, let’s get started! Starting with the makeup, burgundy, browns and golds are a must for the season.  For the eyes, it’s important to start with a light orangey cream color on the crease as a transition color, then a copper...

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