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INDIGO is going reusable!

INDIGO is going reusable!

Indigo is finding ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle by going reusable!

Here at INDIGO, we are very conscious of the impact that we as a company have on the environment. That is why we are always looking for unique ways to become more eco-friendly – which is why we have been working hard to introduce a completely reusable pouch for our entire range ofI jewelry. Everything from our necklaces and earrings, to our rings and anklets, will now come in a high quality reusable package.  

These beautiful new pouches are designed to be as positive for the environment as we could possibly make them. To do this, we have minimized the use of plastic and also updated our manufacturing process to ensure that we are able to conserve energy and reduce the amount of resources needed to produce them.

In this modern world, recycling is helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. That is why our new pouches are fully recyclable and we have created them to be frosted and partially see through; meaning it is not only easier to organize your belongings but you are also able to view the beautiful jewelry contained inside! This is a big advantage over other eco-friendly textile packaging, and we are also able to incorporate a special zipper at the top to boost the safety of your product too.

Our all-new and better packaging is not only more secure, but it is also completely water resistant to ensure maximum protection. If you are looking for more tips on how to keep your Indigo jewelry in the best possible condition, visit our Jewelry Care page.

These long lasting pouches can also be reused as many times as you like, and are the perfect solution for those of you on the go. These secure pouches will allow you to safely store your jewelry no matter where you’re heading.

As the world becomes increasingly more aware of its impact on the environment and we understand the need to improve our practices for a better tomorrow, join INDIGO and help to make a difference.



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