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Gold chain bracelets

The 411 On Your Jewelry

The first step in knowing what to buy and how to take care of it is to know what your jewelry is made of. There are different organic materials that can be used to create your favorite pieces.

Behind the Gold

The prime material used for the pieces can vary from brand to brand. However, the most common are, silver, stainless steel, copper and brass. Silver pieces are the best (and most expensive) option, because they have an elongated life span. Stainless steel will be more cost friendly while still providing the piece with optimal longevity. Copper and brass however are more prone to damage if not taken care of. These can tint your skin and leave you with green stains.

Gold Plated

Gold plated jewelry may be one of the most common type of processing for necklaces, rings, bracelets and anklets. What this means is that the piece was flash dipped once in gold metal to give it a layer of that beautiful gold shine.


  • Low Cost


  • Won’t be as long lasting
  • May turn quickly
  • Can stain your skin

Thick Gold Plating

Thick gold plating is exactly as described. The piece is dipped multiple times to give a heavier coating that can give extra protection to the piece against usage.


  • Low Cost
  • Longer Lasting


  • High maintenance for extended usage with proper care

Verona Chain

Silver 925 With Gold Plating

Pieces under this category are based on 925 silver, which is of common use in the accessories industry because its consistency and its rigidity that allow for an array of designs and the durability of jewels. Due to the fact that the piece has a durable base, this can be a great option for daily use. The piece can deteriorate over time and may lose its gold plating but will reveal the silver base underneath. (Pro Tip: You can also find a jeweler who can re-dip your piece in gold to give it a shiny new finish)


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Won’t tarnish easily
  • Can be re-dipped

Aleena Chain

Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry might be the best option when it comes to finding a piece with long durability and affordability. These pieces are completely covered and filled with gold which is optimal for everyday use.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Won’t tarnish
  • Great quality for great prices

Marin Chain

Solid Gold

Solid gold is of course the best quality, because, it is solid gold, duh. It is great for everyday wear and usage, but with that comes a heavy toll on your wallet.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Won’t tarnish
  • Great for everyday usage


  • High price point

Of course, every type, color and finish of jewelry has its pros and cons, but the most important thing to extend the life span of any piece is proper care. There are a few tips and tricks for expanding the durability, and we will give you those tips in an upcoming article. Stay tuned and stay beautiful.

 Written by: María Gabriela Gómez

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