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CHAINS - ETERNITY Permanent Jewelry

  • $9.00
925 Sterling Silver

Styles & Pricing

Permanent jewelry is available in a variety of fine Gold-filled chain options. Because each piece is measured to fit your wrist The listed prices are estimated for a 6", but the price per inch will depend on your unique measurements and desired fit.

*A deposit of $10 is required for all appointments.

Please make your appointment here: Book my Permanent Jewelry Appointment! 

**No exchanges or returns since this is a personalized and customized jewelry.

Price To simplify the experience for our customers, we have created a base price that will allow us to be clear and to those who wish to know more information about the cost prior to the visit.

Goldfilled Prices 

Starting at $24 for 6" - $4 per inch

*depending on length and style

**Starting at $4 for each additional 1” – may vary according to style

What is Permanent Jewelry? Permanent jewelry is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a piece of jewelry that cannot be removed since it is welded. Because the bracelet is welded closed, it doesn’t have a clasp, creating a seamless permanent bracelet! The jewelry piece is worn until it is removed by a jeweler in order to preserve the metal.

The procedure is painless, simple and fun! Permanent jewelry is great for friendship bracelets, couples, mother daughter bonding, bachelorette parties, or simply to treat yourself. Currently we offer a selection of Gold-filled chains charms to choose from.

Reservations For groups or events such birthdays, bridal party, baby showers, graduations and others, please send us an email that includes the motive for the celebration and number of people to attend or click here for individual or couple reservation.

Chain Selection Since we are well-known by the excellent quality of our pieces, we handpicked high quality, long-lasting metals that have been previously tested to ensure that our customers' experience is a positive one. The metals chosen for permanent jewelry are Gold-filled and 14K & 18K gold. Being the Gold-filled the economical option between the two. Although the gold-filled we work with is the best on the market, it is not solid gold. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in solid gold to get the procedure done.

Available Styles The styles we work with vary in thickness, texture and designs. We have a variety of classic styles such as the curb, cuban, figaro and paper clip chains. Additionally, we carry exclusive styles for each season that are limited in quantity.

Jewelry Care 14KT gold chain and gemstones does not require any care, cleaning or maintenance. Keep out of heavily chlorinated pools or beach as much as possible. Chlorine and ocean water can deteriorate the structure of the gold.

For Gold-filled chains, keep away from lotions, perfumes and hairspray as much as possible. In due course the gold bond over the brass may begin to wear down and avoiding products will lengthen the lifespan of your jewelry.

Antiseptic Measures The safety and well-being of our clients is our priority and to safeguard it, we sanitize our hands with alcohol before being in contact with the individual. Additionally, we shield the area where the permanent jewelry is to be completed with a piece of faux leather.


Do you accept walk-ins? Currently we accept walk-ins, although we highly recommend you to make an appointment online by selecting "Permanent Jewelry " as a product in order to secure your space. Please refer to our socials for information on days we accept walk-ins @iluvindigo.

Can I reschedule my appointment?  Yes, you may.

Can my kid get one? With parental consent and accompaniment, we may weld anyone over the age of 2 years old.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Youngsters are responsible for the jewelry once it's on their body, and it should be a choice that considers growth spurts, sports, lifestyle, and other external factors that could cause premature wear and tear. Our pieces are long-lasting, but they are not indestructible. 

Metal Detector No, your jewelry will not set off the metal detectors at the airport

What if I must remove my jewelry? If you are having a medical procedure, often they will ask you to remove your jewelry. If so, cut your jewelry off using clippers or even kitchen scissors. After your procedure, set up an appointment with to have it welded back on! 

If I selected gold-filled and understood the duration is not necessarily for a lifetime, how can I extend the lifespan? We highly recommend that you avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, lotion or hairspray that can alter the metal. In the event the jewelry encounters any liquid such sweat or water, it is important that you dry it on a cotton fabric as soon as possible.