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Typically we get our inspiration from others.  Your favorite artists, bloggers, influencers and random people we see every day.  That’s why we dedicate this blog post to feature some of our clients and partnerships for you to get inspired and find out how to wear our pieces and accessories.






For her looks, Karla distinguishes herself with simplicity and casual outfits.  She used pastel colors and paired it with our bold jewelry.  The effortless rose gold necklace and the handbag she used on the first two pictures are a great combination for an everyday look.  The first Quay sunglasses she used (Sundance) matches perfectly with her ensemble! They are lightweight and just a simple frame that goes with everything.



For the bottom left look, she wore our chunky quartz necklace, from our Byzantine line, for a more boho look.  The combination of the peach color on her pants and the azure blue on the necklace are a perfect combination for a “relax” yet chic look.  On the bottom right of the picture Karla featured one of our favorite Turkish necklaces.  This piece is just the focal point for this look.  It pops from the minimal white outfit and paired with our Quay Kitti sunglasses to create a lovely outfit.






Frances, our up and coming Puerto Rican blogger, wore our Monogram necklace for a daytime chic look.  This necklace is just the perfect accessory that every girl should own in her every day collection.  You can find it in our store and online in four different colors and two different sizes.  On the right picture Frances shows us how she paired our unique Flash tattoos, in Josephine, with a simple bangle to give them a more realistic look.  Flash tattoos are the new way of accessorizing yourself, many styles available and perfect for the beach.   



On the middle pictures, she features our Lucia Luna cube necklace and shark tooth.  These two pieces are so simple yet so different, they will give everybody something to talk about.  But we can’t forget the three stones Byzantine ring she paired it with.  This with its lapis lazuli pebble goes perfect with the cube necklace and stands out from the neutral colors of the outfit.



In the bottom picture, Frances wore our Byzantine jewelry to the San Juan Moda event.  These more elegant pieces are the perfect accessory for your dressier looks.  These pieces have semi-precious stones and are gold plated.  They are the most extravagant, different, unique pieces you will ever find and Frances did a very good job at pairing it with an elegant off the shoulder jumpsuit.



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