Layers: 3 Different Ways

We all love layering! It is the best way to use multiple pieces all at the same time as one statement necklace and making your outfits better. Here are some tips and tricks for making your perfect combo in three different looks.

1. Casual chic
2. Beach
3. Night Out


1. These four pieces are all in the light color pallet, perfect for day time and just any outfit. They have a perfect spacing between them and look pretty chic to us! 


2. For the beach you only need a little something, so with two layers it's more than enough. Always have in mind your swimsuits neckline before picking your necklaces and you are ready to go!
These two are a perfect neutral combo that go with every color or pattern your swimsuit may have. ☀️


3. At night you definately wanna stand out. The gold and the crystals are the key in these combination. Choose a big and chunky necklace to be the center of attention and then start adding other simple pieces. You will definately be the Queen of Layering! 

- Stay on a color scheme.
- For day time you may add a pop of color.
- Dont leave too much space between each layer.
- Sometimes the simpler the better.
- Remember to use your creativity and play around with the pieces until you find the perfect combo.


Love always, 

Indigo/ Fucsia ✨


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