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Get Ready with Us - Fall Edition

October is here and it means HELLO Fall! What a better way to start the season than getting ready with us for an everyday look with the perfect fall clothes and accessories.  In this edition, we will show you the perfect makeup, clothes and jewelry just for you.  Remember you can always change it up with your own style. Now, let’s get started!

Starting with the makeup, burgundy, browns and golds are a must for the season.  For the eyes, it’s important to start with a light orangey cream color on the crease as a transition color, then a copper color for the lid, remember to always smoke out the outer corner with a darker brown. To finish off the look a cat eye is a must.  An affordable pallet you can use is the Cover girl eye shadow quads in Go for the Golds.  Remember to use mattes colors for the day and glittery ones for the night.

For the cheeks use a darker burgundy color. This will complement the eye look and will darken up your makeup. For this you can just use this bronzer/blush duo from Tart. This one will add some glow to your skin for a more natural day look.

For your lips we will continue in the same color scheme.  During the day time you can use the MAC lipstick in Fashion Revival, a plum color perfect for this season; or Vampira from Kat Von D for a look more suitable for the night time.

To finish the makeup remember to use your favorite foundation or BB creme, favorite concealer and highlighter.


For the outfit, here in Puerto Rico there is no change in climate, but you can still transform your everyday outfit to suit the season.  Jeans are a staple for fall. This can be used for daytime or nighttime and it’s perfect for colder weather as well.

For the top, sweaters are the cliche, but for tropical places where it’s still a little hot the perfect alternative is a simple top and a cardigan.  Use autumn colors such as wine, purple, and leopard prints; these will transform your whole outfit from the hot summer days to the colder ones.

For the jewelry we've got you covered, bracelets, necklaces and rings are perfect to spice up your outfit.  To match your makeup we recommend using simple gold accessories; such as Viviana d Ontañon’s gold dagger (alone or layered with other dainty necklaces). You can also spice up any outfit by just adding a little color through your jewelry. Our byzantine line has just that! You can add a multiple strand bracelet accompanied by a statement ring. Remember, jewelry is always a great way to express yourself.

You can find these pieces, as well as a large variety of other jewelry, in stores and online!

Hope you enjoyed this post and we will see you next week for another Chitchat Thursday.

Love always,

Fucsia/ Indigo


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