Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

     There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your jewelry getting ruined or stained after spending the money just to complement your outfits.
​     Therefore today we want to share with you some tips on how to take care of it and make it last a lifetime.
​     Experts tell us that chemicals found in products we use everyday can make our jewelry look dull or darker with time; that's why it’s very important to avoid applying any perfumes, hairsprays, lotions or other materials that have alcohol in it to your most cherished jewelry.
​     Excessive heat from the sun can damage stones and pearls in our accessories and can make them change color making them look darker or even break.
​     Another tip is how to store your jewelry. Never throw your pieces in a drawer or have them mixed with costume jewelry. This may cause a change in color or scratches in them. We advise you to store them in a pouch or box, alone, where you know they can’t get ruined.
​     One of the principal causes in why your jewelry can get ruined is because of a person’s chemistry, so you should always keep your pieces away from sweat. Jewelry definitely doesn't mix with sports, pools, beach or days at the spa. You should always take them off before any of these activities. Sweat, salt water or chlorine can be damaging to your jewelry. They can make them stain or lose their color.
​     So girls remember to take the appropriate care of your jewelry and make it last longer.

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